Queenstown Schweemstown… just look at this Canterbury goodness?!!
(just kidding, I still love you Queenstown)

I sometimes just pinch myself at the experiences that this ‘job’ takes me on. This shoot with Chelsea & Robbie was one of those times when I thought to myself ‘holy shit – how is this even real life’? We went on a wee road trip (with a LOT of food thanks to Chels) to Arthur’s Pass, a special place to these two and one that I’ve been hanging out to shoot in for a long time. Known for its wild, rugged beauty and more-often-than-not rain, Arthur’s Pass is a hidden gem in Canterbury. Usually a bit of a quick pass through on the way to the West Coast, most travelers are unaware of all the exploring to be done here.

It was a clear, blue-sky day in Christchurch but as we approached the hills those ominous dark clouds loomed. I was secretly stoked – I feel like that is a true Arthur’s Pass experience and would translate so beautiful into photographs. Our adventure started up the Otira Valley and, despite it being November (end of Spring), there was fresh snowfall and a cold mist surrounding the mountains. We then walked up to the Devil’s Punchbowl waterfall which was pumping with all the fresh rainfall – it took about 10 seconds before we were absolutely soaked to the core, but it was one of the most invigorating feelings ever! As we were driving home, the light became so flipping stunning and (you know me with my golden light) we just had to pull over! This is probably the most diverse shoot I’ve done – dark and moody, wet and wild then warm and golden – what a treat!

A big ol’ thanks to Chels and Robbie for embracing this shoot with all their energy and love, I cannot wait to travel even further West with them for their wedding later this Summer.

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