Have a one-on-one with me


For me, one of the most valuable things since starting my business has been connecting and learning from other creative souls. There is something incredibly inspiring and magical about sharing similar experiences and challenges with people and to see that, while you may view them as super successful, they have the same set-backs and insecurities as you.


There are many things that I've learnt since starting my photography journey and I am SO happy to share it with you. I genuinely believe there's so much value in sharing knowledge and supporting one another in this industry, and I would love to help you find your spark and grow your business.

Mentor Session


Meet with me in person for a half day (6 hours) for a complete open book chat over both our businesses. We can start with coffee and a bit of Q & A. I will share what my personal approach to wedding photography is and what I have learned along the way. I want it to feel super relaxed and informal and we can tailor it around what your needs are. We'll talk anything from gear, branding, 'style', posing, client relationships and more.

We will then do a live couple shoot together where I can show you my approach to shooting, posing, getting couples relaxed and finding good light. To finish, we can do some editing and talk workflow (over a bite to eat). You will absolutely have some images to take away from our session for your portfolio.

I'm definitely not there to tell you your work is bad (that is really not me), rather I would love my experiences/advice to give you the tools to apply it to your own work, in your own way.

*please note that I am a part-time wedding photographer and these sessions are based on my personal knowledge and experiences running my business part-time. I shoot with Canon camera bodies (5D Mark III) and a range of prime lenses.


“I recently had a Mentor session with the gorgeous Charlotte! I'd been following her work for a while on Instagram and her style and approach resonated with me so much. I'd been out of the game for a couple of seasons as a wedding photographer but knew it was my absolute passion and I wanted to find my way back.

I had the most amazing afternoon with her, exploring, watching, learning and asking about 50,000 questions over tacos and wine.

She has inspired and started a fire in me again, so for that I'm so grateful, it was the best investment for me!!”